SaraLee - _Damnation to Salvation_
(Firebox, 2009)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
A few years back, I described _Darkness Between_ as having something of Paradise Lost and Sentenced, with more melodic rock than metal to weld that together with SaraLee's ideas and technique. This is still true on _Damnation to Salvation_ to some extent, as there haven't been any evident radical changes in the band's musical direction. They continue to boast a well produced and executed instrumental side, and very competent clean vocals along with some less remarkable but nonetheless effective harsher vox.

If you happen to be allergic to radio-friendly rock/metal, start running now; if not, the good news is that like on _Darkness Between_, said friendliness does not come at the expense of pandering to the latest trend. _Damnation to Salvation_ is solid and consistent throughout, although on the other hand it fails to produce an outstanding track that really takes it to a different level, and doesn't really show any real attempt at innovation to speak of.


(article published 15/4/2009)

7/28/2006 P Azevedo 7 SaraLee - Darkness Between
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