Paradise Lost - _One Second_
(Music For Nations, 1997)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6 out of 10)
Storming straight into #8 in the German top 10, this latest Paradise Lost album will earn them many new (mainstream) fans... and make them lose some of those who were their 'old' fans. This isn't really what I expected after _Draconian Times_, as _One Second_ essentially shows a highly commercial approach, full of pop beats, pop choruses, and pop arrangements, based on a relatively doomy feeling. Most of the time, this isn't metal, just lots of goth influences. "Take Me Down" is a good example of all this, while songs like "Mercy" and "Blood of Another" show the kind of boring pop choruses I mentioned, but what really bothers me is that most tracks do have good moments - the keyboard melodies are usually good throughout _OS_ (as in "Disappear") and are responsible for a great part of their score. "Say Just Words", the promotional single, "please-oh-please-buy-me" as it is, still must get credit for its simple yet effective chorus. Similar credit can go to most other songs, such as "Soul Courageous", "Another Day", "This Cold Life", and "Sane". In my opinion, Paradise Lost had been going downhill ever since _Gothic_ (-clearly- their best work), but right now, I'm not even going to risk comparing _One Second_ to _Draconian Times_. What I can say about _OS_ is that overall, it's not bad, but certainly not as great as many say either.

(article published 14/9/1997)

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