Jungle Rot - _What Horrors Await_
(Napalm Records, 2009)
by: Jackie Smit (5 out of 10)
For reasons I can scarcely wrap my head around, Jungle Rot appear to have cultivated something of a cult following over the last few years. Whether simply a sign of a bloodthirsty death metal-cranking throng desperate to hear the genre move away from the homogeny on which it so dangerously teeters these days or something deeper, their fans have been an increasingly vocal force on many a message board for some time now. Interestingly their praises have been sung with particular gusto when compared to the similarly stripped-down Six Feet Under, the irony of course being that the Kenosha quintet have managed to deliver significantly more sans a fifth of that band's star power.

_What Horrors Await_ certainly starts off with an abundance of promise, "Worst Case Scenario" specifically bristling with old-school groove and malice that's undeniably charming. However, it's not long before Jungle Rot appear to have dropped their creative load and things start to rush rapidly downhill. As early as the halfway mark, the attempts at aggrandized songwriting amount to little more than pretend-macho posturing, and by the end of the interminably dull "Black Mass Candle" few will argue that for a dose of believable brutality you can really sink your teeth into, you'd be better served to seek elsewhere.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/junglerot

(article published 15/4/2009)

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