Dol Theeta - _The Universe Expands_
(Electronic Art Metal, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Mastermind Thanasis Lightbridge is also in Dol Ammad, and this is intended as a more electro-heavy version -- the "Electronic" in "Electronic Art Metal". Kortessa provides a beautiful soprano, far more restrained than is the norm. Guitars contain a progressive edge within classic heavy metal or power metal. Both are low in the mix, as the focus is clearly on electronica which would not be out of place at a rave, and is squarely at the forefront. This is clearly not something that will appeal to everyone; the guitar is subdued and intermittent, and to call this metal would be stretching the definition well beyond breaking point. There is also a whiff of pretension throughout the release, which may be off-putting for those not accustomed to self-proclaimed corpse painted lords. For those who are interested in something a bit different from the norm, this may just what you are looking for.


(article published 24/3/2009)

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