Broken Ohms - _Nocturnal Emissions_
(Dirt Reynolds Music, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (5 out of 10)
The Canadians performed a set composed entirely of Kyuss covers at a Queens of the Stone Age after party last year, and that act alone will tell the listeners almost everything they read to know. Yes, they are essentially a response from the tundra to the desert rock of Kyuss, and that will be their biggest obstacle. They have similar heavy and catchy riffs imbued with monstrous fuzz and a good dose of the '70s. Not to mention catchy. So far so good. They are solid constructions with monstrous grooving riffs and catchy choruses -- you want weird time signatures, look elsewhere. Their biggest obstacle may be in convincing listeners that they are not simply a Canadian Kyuss. As long as you're not too upset by a band that regards originality as alien as an okapi, then there will be no problem. I have my doubts whether Broken Ohms can continue on this path without providing a personal touch, but in the short term, they provide a dose of good old fashioned rock.


(article published 24/3/2009)

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