And Hell Followed With - _Domain_
(Statik Factory, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (5.5 out of 10)
These inanely named newcomers perform deathcore -- with an emphasis on the "core". Deathcore is supposed to be a marriage between death metal and metalcore, but this is a clumsy welding rather than a true union. The death metal passages are not devoid of merit, but are all too often terminated by a clumsy bout of tiresome chugging rhythms, little more than bridges between the more entertaining passages. This does disturb the flow of the songs, which sound a bit disjointed. The vocals are varied, but as expected, it is the death growls that are the most effective, with the 'core-ish vocals sounding uninspired. The musicians show they are capable of doing a decent, if not overly technical job some of the time. And Hell Followed With do have some positive aspects, but with a greater focus on the brutal and less emphasis on the sometimes superfluous core elements they could be a real contender in the deathcore market rather than the 'also-rans'.


(article published 24/3/2009)

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