Mechanism - _Inspired Horrific_
(Independent, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (6.5 out of 10)
Independently produced and released albums are normally the domain of young bands who believe (often erroneously) that they are ready to move beyond the demo stage but lack a record deal, for whatever reason. However, a musician with the skill and experience of Gene Hoglan (drummer for Death, Dethklok and Strapping Young Lad) is unexpected on any independent album. He is joined by Chris Valago, vocalist for Zimmers Hole, another Townsend project. They are joined by several other musicians who are unfamiliar but no less talented.

This begs the question, as why they remain unsigned. My gut feel is that they simply weren't interested in the label deal, and that they deliberately chose this route. Whatever the quality of the music (not too good, which I explain shortly) the Hoglan name should be sufficient to enable them to sign to the major independent of their choice, who have all released a good number of albums worse than this one.

It is patently clear that Mechanism are talented musicians, but the same cannot be said of their songwriting. They jump around with most major metal strands, albeit with a modern touch, and consequently it sounds forced and inchoate, as if they were desperate to record something different that would stand out both from what they had done before and their metal contemporaries. They succeeded, but the high cost paid was at the expense of better crafted songs. The production is above average for an independent album, as is the artwork, but I expected no less considering the background.

To summarize, this is a mediocre and flat album from musicians who are anything but.


(article published 25/3/2009)

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