Khazad Dhum - _Human Breeds Evil_
(Merciless Records, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (5 out of 10)
My first thought was that this sounded much like Traumatic Voyage circa _Cogito Ergo Sum_, but Astorian is not involved at all. However, Astorian and Khazad Dhum members did work together in Anti-Human, and the cross-pollination of fertile minds would account for the similar approach. Khazad Dhum is also far more blasphemous than the oft-mystical Traumatic Voyage, but I suppose the cover art of Mary nailed to an inverted cross whilst nursing a demonic imp obliterated any idea of subtlety. This was recorded a few years ago, but to the best of my knowledge, never saw the light of day -- and the question on my lips is: why bother? It's a raucous and linear exposition of black metal that offers no surprises. Naturally, keyboards are anathema here, but there are a few attempts at atmosphere, mostly through cleanly struck arpeggios. The deliciously demented vocals raise this release several notches, though insufficient so to rescue this from the doldrums. If it is mediocre black metal you want, there are plenty of bands doing so today, and there is no need to look to the past.


(article published 25/3/2009)

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