Infernal Scourge - _Infernal Folklore_
(Independent, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (5 out of 10)
Infernal Scourge is a one-man enterprise located within the melodic and symphonic black metal sphere. This is the debut album, and is essentially his earlier demo re-recorded with a superior production and an extra song. The major issue is Infernal Scourge's penchant for overly long songs, averaging about fifteen minutes each, culminating in the twenty minute long "The Wrath of God and the Grace of Babalon". Only "The Frozen 25th Hour" terminates at a reasonable five minutes, but even this is overlong for what is little more than an atmospheric closer. Few bands can carry off songs of such length and Infernal Scourge may be one of them at some future point, but at the moment, they sound strained and a bit messy. Mid-length numbers would have suited IS's brand of _Dusk and Her Embrace_-era Cradle of Filth inspired ditties better and may have resulted in stronger songs. Speaking of Filth, Infernal Scourge shares a similar penchant for overwrought gothic melodrama and faux archaic English. But that's a given. Fifteen minute songs are not, and judicious editing would not only tighten up _Infernal Folklore_, it would also alleviate some of the rough edges on this exercise in over-reaching.


(article published 15/3/2009)

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