Svartthron - _Bearer of the Crimson Flame_
(Nocturnal Woodlands Records, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
This Lithuanian project recreates the darkened atmospheres of Shining, Silencer and Forgotten Tomb through alternations of acoustic melancholy and ominous blackened passages, providing a slow to mid-tempo sojourn. With one exception -- the ferocious "Of Malignity Carven" proceeds at a velocity unmatched by any other song. It's a good song, but the overwhelming despairing anger and tremolo riffing sits uncomfortably alongside the brooding rhythms of the other six songs -- or more accurately, the other five; the closer is a poor attempt at dark ambient that screams "filler". Barring this abortion, they do compose material that is brooding and emotional but also pretty similar to what many others have already done. They will need to provide a more individualized interpretation of this sound to be regarded as anything more than the Baltic counterpart to any of the aforementioned.


(article published 15/3/2009)

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