Colosseum - _Chapter 2: Numquam_
(Firebox, 2009)
by: Yulon Zhu (7 out of 10)
The word "epic" is thrown around a lot when describing metal bands. It makes you wonder what officially constitutes a band as being "epic". If there are indeed real requirements to "epicness" other than being exceptionally long and engaging the listener into a fantastical tale, it is to leave all in the wake of what can be described as a twirling tsunami. Well, if any band is truly epic, Colosseum would definitely fall into that category. The production of _Chapter 2: Numquam_ is very clear, with the vocals and strong bass chords also giving it a gelling sense of thickness until the drumming cuts in a gaggle of geese ripping through a cloudy sky.

Throw in some slow-chugging, guttural gagging and riff-expanding and you'll have the exact formula almost every doom band uses. However, Colosseum has at least accomplished a noteworthy feat in its success of making highly exceptional doom metal. From "Numquam" to "Prosperity", the drunken on doom Fins manage to make every second exciting. Unless of course, you just can't look beyond their debut album.

Colosseum must be "going green" with their music as they've basically recycled _Chapter 1: Delirium_. It's so obvious that the Chapter 1, Chapter 2 theme seems very deliberate in connecting the albums as though they are in a more specific succession than merely "first album, second album..." If you like doom, you probably enjoyed their debut, so the problem isn't bad music, it's bland music. It actually isn't too surprising, as doom isn't known for being full of bands stretching the boundaries of the genre.

_Chapter 2: Numquam_ is disappointing, but only in that it does not live up to how great this band could have made it. Colosseum could have very well released a triumphant dirge of dread that formed goose bumps on top of your goose bumps. Each song still offers up a tunneling wave of drowning sound. There may not be any standout tracks, but there is no shortage of glorious moments, like the final crescendo of "Prosperity".

If you're into funeral doom, you can't miss with Colosseum. The delivery of grave vocals reeking of loss and music that shines so brilliantly onto a pile of decay is exactly what _Chapter 2: Numquam_ has to offer. So, marking the second passage of Colosseum, fans can only hope that the next time around, they are taken to newer and further heights than ever before; not stuck in a brilliant, but old patch of the solar system.


(article published 15/3/2009)

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