Sala Delle Colonne - _Cronache_
(Autumn Wind Productions, 2008)
by: Chaim Drishner (3.5 out of 10)
_Cronache_ is Sala Delle Colonne's debut album. It is a concept album whose main theme is war, as simple as that. Its main focus lies on the two world wars of the 20th century, while each track represents a different battle fought on a different continent or a different city.

The tracks are loaded with samples bearing historical speeches by more notorious or less notorious figures (Hitler et al), vehemently preaching to the masses, speeches which sound as if they were played-back via a very old record player, exhaustingly trying to play an extremely ploughed vinyl record.

This blend of poorly presented martial music, being masked by layers of industrial samples, random noise and background historical speeches, has proved to be a failure in regard to this recording.

The album's sound level is so low and muffled, the production a joke; one would assume this album had been a field recording of another album, and not something complete which stands alone as a whole musical endeavor.

The result is both embarrassing and disappointing, due to this reviewer's high hopes and the great potential such a recording could have had, if the "musicians" wisely exploited the very musical and thematic ideas with which they deal on _Cronache_.

Also, someone should fire the producer of this recording. Terrible, simply terrible...


(article published 28/2/2009)

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