20.SV - _Apocalyptic Desert_
(Autumn Wind Productions, 2008)
by: Chaim Drishner (0 out of 10)
_Apocalyptic Desert_, 20.SV's third(!) official release to date, opens with cacophonous feedback, seven minutes of it. Being a one track album (of less than half an hour in total, thank god), one is well advised to fast-forward the disc until the 7:00 mark emerges. Not that there's a quantum leap in terms of musicianship or anything too significant, but anything is better than the dreadful incoherent noise of the first seven minutes, anything!

Then you get some guitar-like fuzzy and metallic riff which circles over and over in endless repetitions, in the background of which there's a grainy, non-musical thunderous noise. Occasionally it manages to drown the riff within waves of utter nonsensical gibbering sounds, and at times it recedes to the background. You get about ten minutes of that aural pleasure.

Finally the harsh noise diminishes a tad, and gives way to more ambient-like sounds, mostly industrially-derived, loaded with feedback and zero musicianship or thought. Bits and pieces -- as insignificant as they may be -- of musical ideas and thematic visions start to emerge here and there, but most of the time and in general, this is nothing but electronic excrement of the worst kind.

Avoid at all costs!

Contact: http://20sv.com/site/releases/

(article published 28/2/2009)

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