Clint Listing - _My Father, My Keeper_
(Autumn Wind Productions, 2008)
by: Chaim Drishner (3 out of 10)
Autumn Winds Productions' oscillating pendulum between the great and the absolutely redundant, finds Clint Listing's (a member of As All Die, Long Winter's Stare, A Darkened Sea) new effort on the negative side of the musical rainbow, as it is among the most boring, tedious and empty recordings out there; fractured, unripe, lacks direction and coherence, and in plain words is a waste of time and money.

_My Father, My Keeper_ starts off with a couple of minimal and repetitive somber jazz tracks, which flirt with dark ambient and in a way are loosely epically constructed and very much similar to each other. It all dwindles down quite rapidly and is reduced to a noise track followed by some dark ambient of the lesser kind: it is the sort of dark ambient in which nothing really happens other than endless repetitive droning, devoid of genuine ambiance and not really dark by a long shot.

_My Father, My Keeper_ shows mild potential that time and again through the tracks fails to be realized into some dark and beautiful creature. Instead, it has turned out to be one stagnant and outrageously uninspired piece of work.

The only unquestionably positive thing that could be said concerns the packaging. Real nice work of aesthetically unique cardboard covered digipak with some decades-old photographs (America in the beginning of the 20th century?), lending the album an old and forsaken kind of feeling on par with some of the more desolate moments on the recording. These moments, however, are few and far between, but when they occur (especially on the ninth track "The Snow Ghost", which appears as bonus track together with a couple others), they remind this reviewer some of the finer moments of Agamemnon's _Angry Beyond Forgiveness_, one of the most compelling and desolate pieces within the dark ambient genre.


(article published 28/2/2009)

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