Leviathan - _Massive Conspiracy Against All Life_
(Moribund Records, 2008)
by: Yulon Zhu (7 out of 10)
The sound of _Massive Conspiracy Against All Life_ is of a more "modern" Leviathan, or _Tentacles of Whorror_ and everything afterwards played in full on "what the? masterpiece" black metal style. _Massive Conspiracy Against All Life_ is surprisingly down-tempo and cold despite the fiery, depressive hate erupting from Wrest. _The Tenth Sublevel of Suicide_ is highly regarded as a Leviathan highpoint; so an album that has strayed far from it into a deeper swirl of madness with less typical black metal stirrings has met about the same amount of naysayers and supporters.

Cloaked in fog and visible breath, the album begins with fading in and out as it all blows out a mind vomit production of insane black metal. The muffled sound actually supports the strong bass and guitars. The vocals are a mixture of throaty screams and rasps, which is of course Wrest's style. While yes, this is quite far from the Leviathan you knew in 2003, the sound will be recognizable as no matter how fast a track may start off, you know it'll eventually turn into a slow drone of ambience meets animosity. It's an adventure to play as sometimes you stumble on something that makes you question if what you're hearing should actually be classified as music or not. This brings up a weakness of this band that keeps many away. Leviathan tracks tend to be comprised mostly of experimental noises that collect into an icy sheet of sporadic instrumentation rather than the black metal people expect.

You could say the entire album is were-music, as Leviathan is always known to bring a little schizophrenia into the minds of listeners across the globe. It all has a sort of progressiveness that is so colossal, an interesting comparison between _Massive Conspiracy Against All Life_ and Gojira's _The Way of All Flesh_ could be made at parts. Just imagine chrome-plated whales swimming through meteor showers with red eyes and dagger-teeth. Well, it could also be compared to overdosing on LSD, so it's safe to say that this USBM band is a unique experience and that any song lasting over nine minutes will start to get to you sooner or later.

This is the kind of CD that isn't for metal beginners. _Massive Conspiracy Against All Life_ is not one of those seek and destroy missiles, but a rapid firing of random shots from numerous gun barrels, somehow hitting the bull's eye straight on. Nothing seems to connect, yet it does; whether it's meant to or not. There is no originality lacking in the genre, and bands like Leviathan continue the advancement towards expanding what "black metal" is. If this truly is the last Leviathan CD, then Wrest has left us a puzzle without an answer for us to ponder while he slips away into the abyss of yesterday.

Contact: http://moribundcult.com/

(article published 24/2/2009)

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