Black Lotus - _Harvest of Seasons_
(Bleak Arts, 2008)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (8 out of 10)
Not so much an ecological black metal band a la Wolves in the Throne Room as Earth goddess enthusiasts, Black Lotus take nature as their primary inspiration and seek to fashion music out of it that is both elemental and structured: a loose amalgam of jumbled riffs, subtle yet instinctive blast beats and clearly articulated, troubadour-like vocals. Less discordant than most, it would seem the sextet that is Black Lotus are more interested in creating music that harmonizes with the darker elements of their environment rather than standing in stark contrast to it, and as such, even though it is briskly played, it is rarely cacophonous or overbearingly loud; if ever the term "laid back" could be ascribed to an undeniably black sort of metal band, here above all else it would be entirely apropos.

Lyrics appeal to the senses, particularly in regard to color ("in a white gown she's clad / gone is her emerald green / her eyes now are grey / and turbulent silver") and though couched in Earth goddess / "mother" nature iconography, there is a distinctive feminist undertone (the virgin motif in the previous lyric, frequent references to fertility, a maternal protectionism toward the earth's flora and fauna) which is welcome in the largely testosterone driven extreme metal scene. A thoughtful and passionate, even eloquent, sophomore effort from this British Columbian import.


(article published 31/1/2009)

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