Outlaw Order - _Dragging Down the Enforcer_
(Season of Mist, 2008)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (7.5 out of 10)
An Eyehategod side project, originally made up entirely of Eyehategod members but now "compromised" by the inclusion of Pat Bruders from Crowbar when original bassist, Mark Schultz (of, you guessed it, Eyehategod), was incarcerated. In fact, that's the concept behind the group... they've all been down by law at some point, which is actually kind of amusing when you consider that -- at least originally -- they didn't even have to look outside their own -band- to come up with an appropriate side project! Outlaw Order was seemingly lashed together with the sole intention of keeping the rest of the band busy while Jimmy Bower played drums for Down; not so much a side project in an exploratory sense as an extension of the mother band. Cleared and typically more succinct than Eyehategod, with a more pronounced hardcore influence filtering out some of the more hazy influences, Outlaw Order mine essentially the same uptempo, anthemic sludge and offer a similar quality effort. I'd love to give more detail, but the fact that the press release lists thirteen tracks, the track listing on the disc sleeve only nine, and an actual eleven on the CD itself kinda fucks with my ability to go into any kind of play-by-play analysis.

Contact: http://www.southernnihilismfront.com/

(article published 31/1/2009)

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