Hellveto - _Neoheresy_
(Pulverised, 2008)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (8.5 out of 10)
From the curious band moniker, one might be mistaken for assuming Hellveto is a white metal looking to escalate their anti-black ethos to parliamentary ambitions. Obviously Hellveto is some kind of play on the oft-used Norse synonym for Hades, Helvete, but beyond that little of this band's credo lies within the realm of scrutability. Their website lists a prolific discography of tangled descent, myriad labels and release formats -- LP, splits, EP, etc. -- being required to contain and support the restless beasts. Naturally that level of productivity screams studio based one man band, and that impression is pretty much the correct one (I don't know how often frontman L.O.N. plays out, but it can't be too often based on the volume of his studio output and complete absense of live recordings).

Hellveto has up until now flown beneath my radar, so I'm unfamiliar with L.O.N.'s previous recordings, but after a rare two year layoff he has stormed back with a nearly unassailable introduction: _Neoheresy_ is classic militant black metal, martial and epic but brutal and emotionally raw at the same time. Well recorded with multilayered vocals and interlaced keyboards providing a symphonic marching band effect, _Neoheresy_ hesitantly breaks down into individual tracks but feels of a piece. Nowhere is this more evident than "Milczace Sumienie", the album's best, a three part suite evolving from frenzied battle metal to lengthy acoustic interlude before lapsing back into aggressive -- yet cerebral -- black metal, less militaristic than before, atmospheric and haunting. At six tracks, _Neoheresy_ lies midway between an EP and an LP, hence the use of both "mini-LP" and "EP" in the official band discography, but if L.O.N.'s muse dictates digestible chunks of assimilated art that fly in the face of marketable "product", so be it.

Contact: http://www.hellveto.com/

(article published 23/1/2009)

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