Kommandant - _Stormlegion_
(Planet Metal, 2008)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (8 out of 10)
Militant black metal from Chicago, _Stormlegion_ could just as easily have been birthed in Dresden, Germany. Garrett Scanlan holds down a frenzied marching band backbeat while Marcus Kolar and founding member Jim Bresnahan flail away at regimented triplets. "Barbarous Victorious" reaches an early culmination in memorable riffing and relentless energy. While perhaps lacking in trailblazing ingenuity or mind blowing musicianship, Kommandant zero in on the ideal of consistency and nail it with a punishing constance. With the sole exception of the intro and outro, there is a dominant, alpha black assault on the ears, with a thrash era reliance on the strength and temerity of the Riff to establish musical pre-eminence. Nick Hernandez atttains a successful amalgam of black and thrash vocal traditions in an impressive bid at quarterbacking Kommandant to the forefront of the US black metal scene. Between this band and Nachtmystium, all ears on Chi-town in 2009.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/kommandantofficial1

(article published 23/1/2009)

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