Forest of Shadows - _Six Waves of Woe_
(Firedoom, 2008)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7.5 out of 10)
The first time I heard Forest of Shadows was back in 2001, when Rage of Achilles released their _When Dreams Turn to Dust_ EP. Niclas Frohagen's solo project has since signed to Firedoom Records and released a full-length titled _Departure_ in 2004, which I missed. 2008 sees Forest of Shadows back in the fray with _Six Waves of Woe_, and without the benefit of having heard its predecessor _Departure_, the overall style on this release turned out to be quite different from what I expected.

Compared to the early doom/death days of _When Dreams Turn to Dust_, _Six Waves of Woe_ features a significantly different approach as far as both the less oppressive guitar and drums, and also the vocal style, which is now predominantly clean. The album starts with the warm melodies and melancholy of "Submission", which serves as a good introductory number thanks to its crescendo structure that doesn't quite reach its predictable climax. That kind of intensity is kept on hold until the next track, "Selfdestruction", which again starts all soft and quiet, with even some electronic touches fleshing out the sound. The build-up isn't as good as before, but at about one third of the track, the heavier climax led by death growls is quite effective and paves the way for the general style of _Six Waves of Woe_.

As the album progresses, it becomes evident that the focus lies more on the quiet and melodic than the heavy and epic, but the mix generally works well -- "Moments in Solitude" being a good example. The formula does get repetitive however, and the compositions are generally more competent than remarkable. _Six Waves of Woe_ should be quite capable of providing some enjoyable listens for fans of melodic doom/death, and does deserve special mention for being a one-man project given how well crafted it is, but it is not a truly outstanding record.


(article published 15/1/2009)

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