Blindead - _Autoscopia: Murder in Phazes_
(Foreshadow Music / Deadline Records, 2008)
by: Paul Williams (8 out of 10)
Upon pressing play I seriously thought some asshole had sent me a Creed CD with all music done by Trent Reznor. Luckily, in the time that it took me to cross my bedroom, still partially disgusted at being tricked into listening to filth like Creed, the sound had transformed. It was no longer annoying, and it was no longer whiny. Instead it took control of my imaginations; the sun which had been shining through my window just seconds ago had receded behind dark clouds, a warm breeze had morphed into a freezing gale. To say that this is depressing music would be inaccurate, because it's more than that. It has a morbid beauty to it which is grand and murderous. The wide scope of emotions that emanate from the atmosphere created on _Autoscopia: Murder in Phazes_ can certainly darken your day, but they can also provide a meaningful experience and knowledge of a wretched human mind. Doomy riffs, dark atmosphere and pure fucking carnage is the landscape through which Blindead have decided to tell their formidable tale of woe, but composed in such away that it stays interesting and invigorating. The human psyche is a subject not hard to come by in heavy metal, but a new twisted sound has been formulated on this album even if at times it may seem very cliché.


(article published 28/2/2009)

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