Blastmasters - _Twisted Metal_
(Deathgasm, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Metal has no shortage of stupid band names, as projects as diverse as Cliteater and Rotting Christ ably demonstrate, but "Blastmasters" is in a class of its own. It probably sounded like a good idea after a six-pack or two. Don't let the inane name put you off, as this is a meritorious entrant to death metal with no shortage of "blastbeats". (Just because they live up to their name does not make it any better!) It is intended to be a side project with members from Diabolic. In fact it is essentially Diabolic, as all current and past members are or have been in Diabolic and this is hardly vastly different to their day job. But they do record a potent album, although they are more interesting when they do more than simply progress at breakneck speeds. Also included, as a bonus, are some demo recordings, which sound like the originals, except with terrible production and no power or impact. In other words, totally pointless. This was intended purely as a studio project and Blastmasters is no more -- but at least Diabolic is still active.


(article published 22/1/2009)

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