Voetsek - _Infernal Command_
(Selfmade God, 2008)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (7.5 out of 10)
The name and cover art screams black or death metal, but song titles such as "What Would Lemmy Do?", "Blueprint for the Perfect Circle Pit" ("keep your knees up high / and forearms a swinging / shoulders hunched over / let's fucking go!"), and "Self Righteous Fuckdom", not to mention band members saddled with monikers like Jef Leppard and Scotty Karate, shout irreverent hardcore punk. Actually Voetsek self describe as a "fastcore" band, which essentially seems to consist of a throttled down version of grind without the relentless blastbeats, coupled with '80s crossover tendencies.

In truth, Voetsek have a hard time deciding whether they prefer to trade in Seth Putnam-esque silliness ("Terror on the Dance Floor", "Dismember Mama"), Billy Milano style beer bash (anti-)anthems ("Screwdriver Smile", "Family Ties") or socially conscious protest music ("5 Years in Iraq", a truly out-of-nowhere take on "Strange Fruit"). But since when are indecision and short attention spans uncommon in the fence straddling Sudetenland between crossover punk and extreme metal?

Apparently Voetsek have churned out a boatload of records -- in various formats and on differing labels -- none of which I am familiar with, but no matter... in light of an ethos that would seem to sneer at the concept of something as bourgeois as band identity and regular rehearsals, it's unlikely the organized chaos that is the Voetsek sound can be charted on the usual lines of artistic development anyway.

(article published 8/1/2009)

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