Dr Doom / Collision - _Split_
(Scrotum Jus Records / Every Day Hate Records, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Dr Doom, possibly the dumbest band name in a genre with no shortage of terrible names, boast of a varied take on grind, but apart from a doomy opener acting as an intro, they are a fairly standard entrant. The vocals are delivered in frenzied manner and higher register that render no less decipherable than the pitch shifted vocals of, say, Hymen Holocaust, but otherwise deliver the standard abbreviated blasts, with no greater thrash or black touches than any other grindcore band.

Collision add a healthy helping of crusty hardcore to their grindcore, especially noticeable in the rhythms and vocal delivery, which includes rapid fire delivery and gang shoutalongs. Those averted to crustier expressions will not find Collision worth their time, but they are marginally the better of the two projects here.

No jazz, no off-kilter mathcore rhythms, no feeble attempts at humour or pornogore; just good old grind done in a manner that invigorates the genre rather than parodying it as so many have inadvertently done.

Contact: http://www.collisiongrind.nl

(article published 6/1/2009)

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