Neurosis Inc. - _Subversivos Espirituales_
(HateWorks, 2005)
by: Quentin Kalis (8.5 out of 10)
Neurosis Inc were once just plain Neurosis, but the presence of a band with the same name to the North probably spurred on the amendment. Not that confusion was likely to result, as this Colombian sextet perform a riveting mix of thrash and death metal. Also included are two re-recordings of old songs and a cover of the Venom classic "Countess Bathory", which does not improve upon the original but does provide a different perspective, which is all one can reasonably ask for from a cover. I cannot say whether the re-recordings differ significantly from the originals, but they are weaker than the preceding originals, lacking their viciousness and sounding just a tad derivative. They sing mostly in Spanish, but this is not a problem -- unless lyrics are essential for your listening experience. Actually it is a problem in a different sense: this is one of the best albums I have heard this side of the Equator and Destroyer 666, and singing in Spanish may lead to it being unfairly overlooked.


(article published 8/1/2009)

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