Motherstone - _Biolence_
(Independent, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (7.5 out of 10)
Whatever one may think of their musical merits, there is no doubting Motherstone's dedication to the metal craft. From the production and mastering through to extra-musical aspects such as the booklet design, it is clear that a considerable sum was invested.

The most striking aspect of _Biolence_ is the alternation between beauty and beast vocals, sans the beast; front woman JJ Mammasasso providing clear soaring vocals and growls with equal aplomb and strength. The contrast and interplay between the two approaches provide the most interesting aspect, and unbelievably, is still comparatively unique in metal, even with the ever-increasing number of female-fronted bands.

Musically, Motherstone perform an accessible, sometimes proggy heavy metal that sounds contemporary, but without the cloying nu-thrash-core Americanisms... for the most part; add a deep end to her growls and she could be one of those knucklehead shouters, and some of the riffs could be on one of the new American thrash albums, but they never lose their continental European sound. Do not be fooled by the occasional biblical sounding title -- this is a conceptual album with lyrics detailing some of the worst Italian atrocities of modern times. (Damn, there are some sick fucks there!) Motherstone are both adept and driven, which should provide a future, and an interesting one at that.


(article published 13/12/2008)

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