Miel Noir / B-Machina - _Weiss_
(The Eastern Front, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (8.5 out of 10)
Miel Noir is the project of Dimo Dimov, who has been associated with a number of metal bands, including his own blackened folk metal project Svarrogh. Of late, he has done an Ulver and moved away from the metal scene towards post-industrial. At the moment he is the live drummer for Allerseelen (no less), and Svarrogh has been transformed into a neofolk project. Miel Noir gives expression to his ambient inclinations, but with a nod to his roots; a distorted guitar playing hypnotic riffs is an important component, possessing a harshness that only one intimately familiar with black metal could provide, but never losing the ambient aura. There are some spoken word passages, but I suspect those are samples, rather than Dimov's own voice. Sometimes he ups the ante and provides a more dissonant track that is closer to industrial than ambient, yet always with a ceremonial or ritual flair.

B-Machina is a more orthodox entrant with a less harsh sound, but possessed of an adventurous spirit that elevates it above the norm. Their three songs are fairly varied: "The Colour of My Innocence" consists of competing waves of drone and dissonance, whilst the next track is centred on industrial clanging. Their best track, and the highlight of the split, is their third and final track, which consists of more industrial pounding but with a repetitive yet evocative acoustic refrain. All three tracks perfectly capture the mood of being inside an abandoned warehouse or deserted factory in the dingy industrial area of town.

Overall, an excellent split with neither side letting the other down.

Contact: http://www.theeasternfront.org

(article published 8/1/2009)

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