Lyrinx / Elysian Blaze / DOR - _Universal Absence_
(Insidious Poisoning Records, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (8, 3 and 4.5 out of 10 respectively)
The common denominator uniting the trio is a doom inspired black metal base; beyond this foundation, they deviate widely in both style and approach.

Lyrinx's previous EP, _Nihilistic Purity_, was a strong release by the nascent UK based doomy black metal band, and they build upon this with the second addition to their "Universal Negativity'' concept. Before I heard the first note, and without knowing anything about the other two artists -- or even who they were -- I fully expected Lyrinx to be the highlight and have not been proved wrong. There is no significant difference between this and their previous EP, both consisting of alternations between mid-paced gloom and speedier bursts of anguished despair, embodied within Burzum-esque minimalism.

Elysian Blaze is a one-man project from Australia, and sole member Mutatiis provides just one twelve minute track. In contrast to the bands who bookend the release, Elysian Blaze displays a stronger affinity towards doom, in particular the funeral strain. There is not a lot happening; some tortured shrieks and groans, ponderous yet simplistic drumming, riffs slowed down to about four per minute, and some key tinkling, which again tends towards the rudimentary. The use of feedback extends the riffs, slowing them down further, but the result is less than engaging and the end of the song cannot come too soon.

DOR return to the black doom genre, with a rawer and more abrasive version than Lyrinx, albeit less emotionally despairing. It's a rather rudimentary version of slower, near doom riffs played. The only departure from this motif is the unusual outro, which sounds like a reverbed arpeggio, simultaneously different, beautiful and disturbing.

It is apparent that Lyrinx are quickly establishing themselves as the premier band on Insidious Poisoning and are strong enough to justify the purchase of this split, but the other two bands are hardly essential listening.


(article published 15/1/2009)

8/22/2008 Q Kalis 8 Lyrinx - Nihilistic Purity
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