Born for Bliss - _Flowing with the Flue_
(DeathWish/NB, 1997)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
On Nuclear Blast's subsidiary label, Deathwish, comes Born for Bliss, an exciting electronic/extreme/goth rock band. A unique mixture, to say the least, but it does work for the most part. Images of Sisters of Mercy and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult were first to emerge upon listening to their first few tracks on _Flowing with the Flue_, but as BfB digs deeper into the extreme sounds and electronic aspects of what they do, the farther the band moves away from such comparisons and into their own realm of creation. The music here is rather tranquil and easy flowing, and much more animated than most goth/rock pieces, and I liked that. A good variety of song styles also played a key role in this record keeping my attention. The thing that I did not like about the band and the material they play (not all the time, though) was the vocals. They had an irritating, whiny quality at times, and that did bring down or alter the feel of the music being played. Not a big deal, but something that at times left a bad taste in my mouth. Fans of electronic and/or goth rock may want to check this out.

(article published 12/8/1997)

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