Gravehill - _Metal of Death / The Advocation of Death and Suicide_
(Enucleation, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (7.5 out of 10)
_Metal of Death_ consists of three re-recorded tracks of songs originally released by Metal Horde Productions in 2007, whilst _The Advocation of Death and Suicide_ consists of two conceptual songs cheerfully entitled "Murder and "Suicide".

I really don't see the point of the re-recorded songs, even if I cast aside my innate aversion to re-recorded material. Firstly, the sound is hardly pristine and was never intended to be, in their own words, "Gravehill play dated, uncompromising, and ugly music exclusively, everything else can eat its own cunt!" This begs the question as to how bad it must have sounded originally. Nor do Gravehill strike me as a band given to progression and experimentation, and will go to the grave (ahem) performing the same style of music they did when they first started.

Speculation as to motives aside, the five songs contained within consist of primitive death/thrash cum proto black metal, and don't do too shabby a job either. The lacklustre production perfectly captures the flavour of an era when Hellhammer, early Celtic Frost and others were at their creative peak, and touches of all the great bands of the era can be heard as well. Essential? Not a chance. Welcome? Most definitely, and will attract a cult following as well. Just remember the acronym WYSIWYG -- there no surprises or meta meanings here.


(article published 15/1/2009)

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