Weeping Birth - _Anosognosic Industry of the I_
(Conatus Records, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
The pretentiously named _Anosognosic Industry of the I_ is the sophomore release from the Swiss one-man band masterminded by Vladimir Cochet that includes recordings from a shelved 2006 release plus some new material. Mr Cochet is also involved in Mirrorthrone, a baroque black metal band, but this is a more vicious entity, located at the interface of black and death metal, frequently dominated by widdly tremolo riffing, occasionally settling into a groove. (I wonder if Mayhem's classic "Buried by Time and Dust" was an inspiration...) Some songs overstay their welcome, as seven and nine minute numbers are no more suited to this style than they are to Marduk. And just as Marduk would get tiresome over the course of eighty minutes, so too does this 73 minute monster, and despite seeming like a worthwhile listen initially, interest wanes as the album progresses. If the best songs had been retained and released as an EP, this would have received a considerably higher rating, but as is, I cannot give it more than a six.

Contact: http://www.weepingbirth.com

(article published 8/1/2009)

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