Fairytale Abuse - _The Spirit Tower_
(HateWorks, 2005)
by: Quentin Kalis (7.5 out of 10)
The enigmatically named Fairytale Abuse hail form Denmark, although their love of melody suggests a connection to Sweden. _The Spirit Tower_ is a mix of symphonic black and melodic death, permeated by a gothic touch, but not nearly as much as the cliché cover of a vampiress clutching her breast. Melody is king and although they aren't the freshest, they are not yet past their sell by date and remain pretty damn catchy, especially the choruses. Synths underlie the music but never overwhelm the dual guitar barrage. The musicianship is unsurprisingly above average. This is not an essential listen, but is pleasant enough and the melodies are catchy enough to extend its lifespan a bit further, but it's still not something that I will listen to in the new year.

Contact: http://www.hateworks.net

(article published 26/12/2008)

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