Ethernal - _Grim Ethernity_
(Unholy Design, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (7.5 out of 10)
At one level, their fuzzy, raw yet inviting guitars and total disdain for any black metal post 1994 would be well suited for Barbarian Wrath's roster. At another level, there is more happening here than is immediately apparent, as while there is a definite old-school flavour, they expand upon it rather than merely recycling what has been done many times before. (Drummer and vocalist Nechtan is also in Speirling, but their regurgitation of an established sound offers nothing new.)

The songs are also highly varied, combining progressive arrangements, thrashy riffage, swirling keyboards, acoustic passages and more into a veritable witch's brew that never loses its old-school touch. Like sandpaper, as the album progresses, it loses its abrasive nature in favour of softer keyboard passages and more subtle guitar arrangements, but still far from being mistaken for pseudo-black goth claptrap. An interesting and entertaining release that provides hope for the stagnant UK black metal underground, barring a few notable exceptions.


(article published 26/12/2008)

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