Diorrhea - _B-XVI_
(Kasamata Records, 2008)
by: Paul Williams (8.5 out of 10)
With a name like Diorrhea, the band probably gets a lot of shit (that was unintentional) from punters; but I have to say I believe that it is a very befitting title to have, seeing as the music they churn out is reasonably revolting, happens to comes upon you extremely fast, and before you know it you've crapped your pants. I guess the only difference between the two is that Diorrhea (the band) is enjoyable.

It seems to me that Italy, over the last couple of years, has really started to redeem itself by churning out some decent metal. Although some of these bands have turned to the more mainstream avenues, where everything is clean and respectable, others, like Diorrhea, have been shunned into the sewers to keep the rat population under control, mainly by use of their music. The best way to describe this unholy racket is to imagine you were to play this album, _B-XVI_, to a bunch of unsuspecting pedestrians. At the end of this ordeal, the ones that were still alive would probably file charges against you for (ear) rape.

Fast, abusive and completely in Italian (not that it is that comprehensible most of the time), these guys also have a humorous vibe throughout every song, as though Municipal Waste decided to play grindcore instead of thrash. With title names like "Automassacro" and "Necrostupro", you can tell that these aren't exactly the most stable of people themselves -- and those were just the titles that I had some idea of what they were about. I nearly went to a professional translator to get them translated, but lost the bottle to do so when I realised they may think I was completely messed up in the head. Apart from a strange name, freakish and cheesy horror-flick-esque song titles, the band integrated various sound sequences from orgies / killings (I seriously couldn't tell which one it was), an Italian rap section during the last song "Birra", and what I can only guess was a couple of lines from an Italian soap opera.

So if you're a fan of good-ole-grindcore, horny gorilla grunts, rabies infected yelps, and imitations of ambulance sirens, then you are obviously deeply disturbed and this band would provide a great soundtrack to your lunatic lifestyle.

Contact: http://www.diorrhea.com

(article published 3/12/2008)

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