Theocracy - _Mirror of Souls_
(Ulterium, 2008)
by: Paul Williams (7.5 out of 10)
Christian progressive power metalers Theocracy have certainly succeeded in dishing out a slice of heaven with new album _Mirror of Souls_; a great atmosphere is created using a combination of heavy hitting riffs, uplifting keyboard melodies and relentless drumming that adds vigor to all the songs. All of this allows for this to be an album which you can pick up again and listen to, while also being able to find new layers of sound which you were sure were never there on the first listen, or even on the fifth!

Not only does Theocracy provide the tunes to bang your head to, but they also bring some vocal arrangements that could convert the masses, such as the extremely powerful chorus in "Laying the Demon to Rest" or "Tower of Ashes" or the more mellowed out ballad of "Bethlehem". At over an hour long and some very drawn out songs (22 minutes is the longest song), I wondered if _Mirror of Souls_ could seriously keep my attention all that time, and just as these doubts were creeping upon me, Theocracy kicks in with some new melody, some new section that delivers soaring vocals, or a change of pace to get the blood flowing; all of this out of seemingly nowhere.

Now I'm not a religious man, but the sheer mind-boggling power with which these guys play really gets me into the music. I've never praised God in my life, let alone sing his praise, but here I stand, changed, fully accepting that the beliefs of this band is what really pulls it off for them. I don't think that this will be everyone's cup of tea, and it isn't normally mine, but it's always worth trying out something new. Amen.

(article published 3/12/2008)

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