Ufomammut - _Idolum_
(Supernatural Cat, 2008)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (9 out of 10)
Returning after a dormant period of regrouping, Ufomammut piss all over any previously established notions of "heavy" that they may have been wont to proffer in the past. "Stigma" lays down the law right out of the gate, one juggernaut motherfucker of a riff swinging high for the fences. I'm not one to fuck around with superlatives, but these boys just ain't ones to fuck around period.

"Stardog" keeps mining the entrenched groove for all it's worth, at times coming off like a drunken Ministry if Al Jourgensen forgot to turn on the drum machine. The press release describes this as "mastodontic [sic] song frameworks" and frankly I don't have any more charming way of putting it than that. Unremittingly leaden and atavistic -- in a good way, of course -- _Idolum_ strips it all down to an almost aboriginal state of trance... your body's moving, but the mind is otherwise engaged in back-of-the-eyelid flights of psychotropic fantasy.

According the record label, "idolum" is a Latin term referring to the dual concepts of "ghost" and "idea" transmitted concurrently, concentrically... whatever. Presumably all a vague and, yes, pretentious nod to the Platonic outlook that phenomena beheld by the senses is a mere imperfect representation of some idealized Form in the mind of God. _Idolum_, the album, makes no direct overtures to aural divinity, but easily transcends the band's previous stabs at immortality.

Contact: http://www.supernaturalcat.com

(article published 19/11/2008)

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