Farflung - _A Wound in Eternity_
(Meteor City, 2008)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (9 out of 10)
Farflung have thus far flown beneath my radar, or rather perhaps soared far above it, theirs being an interstellar head music copulating with gas giants and quasars, antimatter shooting sparks off guitar strings, ring modulated cosmic shrieks swirling banshee-like across the light years... I guess you could say these guys don't fuck around.

As with many of Meteor City's releases, _A Wound in Eternity_ is not metal so much as classic rock-influenced tuneage of the sort that people who enjoy certain types of metal also tend to dig. Seminal space rockers Pink Floyd and Hawkwind are obvious touch points, but in spite of Farflung's tendency to stretch out and jam, they have less tendency to stray from the groove than some of their more indulgent ancestors. Like mid-period Monster Magnet -- another clear influence -- Farflung always put the song first and work their blissed out histrionics in around it.

"Unborn Planet" is the most Monstrous of the eight tracks, a riff heavy rocker that offers the greatest degree of accessibility on here, which is typically what a good album should do (there are exceptions, but those are the stuff of another review). In spite of musical similarities to the Space Lords themselves, the vocals are more mannered and dead pan than the personality cult of Dave Wyndorf, something that suits these flightier tunes much better. "Endless Drifting Wreck" ratchets things up another gear, having achieved escape velocity from its earthbound predecessor, a synth riff kicking in midway through that resembles the symphonic stridency of Faith No More a la "Woodpecker From Mars". "Silver Shrooms" seems to be the popular fave from this album, and who can argue, really? It's probably the most singular of the _Wound_ songs, and the one on which Farflung transcend all influences and come into their own, a synthesis and also a bold beginning.

Contact: http://www.farflung.org

(article published 5/10/2008)

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