'Neath - _The Spiders Sleep_
(Obsidian Records, 2007)
by: Chaim Drishner (8 out of 10)
Does the apostrophe in 'Neath's name suggest it's short for Beneath, or what? Also, why is every metal band who exhibits a bit of melody being dubbed as "progressive"? Questions, question, I know, but still how the wheels of the metallic thinking process are turning is fascinating, is it not?

_The Spiders Sleep_ is a good album; it has such a non-metal attitude, it allows the band members to think outside the box and dare. The laid back and tranquil parts have been separated from the bulk of the metallic majority (non-Swedish melodic death metal, maybe?) so the abrasive and the soft do not touch, do not mix; like oil and water, they are virtually completely separated. That gives the music a feeling of two independent entities that play, in turn, their role in the plot. The mellow parts, almost lullabies, are unbelievably beautiful, and they also allow the vocalist to showcase his velvety, Nick Cave-like vocals, which add another dimension to the music. I could easily say 'Neath's _The Spiders Sleep_ is almost on par with Edge of Sanity's _Crimson_ masterpiece. A very good album to enjoy by heavy music enthusiasts, as well as those who seek beauty in their music, be it heavy or otherwise. No, this album is not "progressive" by any means, it is just beautiful.

Contact: http://www.obsidianrecords.com/

(article published 5/10/2008)

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