The Dead - _The Dead_
(Obsidian Records, 2007)
by: Chaim Drishner (2.5 out of 10)
The Dead have a great cover art: it's very colorful yet dark; original yet somehow derivative and corny; infantile yet drawn by semi-professional hands. That's really the only positive side I can find with The Dead's self-titled debut album. This is probably the most boring and dispassionate "old-school" death metal I've heard in a while. Not a single factor in this recording manages to shine through the murk of this album's below-average "musicianship". The one-dimensional low toned growls, the metalcore-like poor and muffled riffs, the song structures and absolute lack of melody, atmosphere and the essentials of dark music, what ultimately makes a good death metal album (it's not really about the brutality, the heaviness, the speed or how low the vocalist can growl). Only when The Dead slow down a bit do they manage to break the icy surface of boredom and infuse some harsh and mysterious ambiance this album is in desperate need of.


(article published 5/10/2008)

11/29/2010 C Drishner 7 The Dead - Ritual Executions
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