Abbildung - _Two-Sphere Geometry_
(Essentia Mundi, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (7.5 out of 10)
Abbildung bursts forth from Romania with another selection of dark ambient soundscapes. The project of one "C", he adopts a Spartan approach for his barely musical constructions, using drones as a foundation for occasional drum loops, spoken samples and intermittent electronic effects. The effect is predictably and aptly minimalist, boring to a generation raised on the instant gratification of Playstation and MTV, but utterly enchanting to those with an attention span longer than that of a goldfish.

The mood evoked is obviously dark, but more than that, it carries a sensation of immenseness, of standing on the edge of a vast open space -- or more precisely, of being alone in the immeasurable emptiness of outer space, of sights unseen and sounds unheard by our inferior sensory organs. Abbildung is at their best when a more human touch is included, even if it is just a sample or drum loop, which despite their sterile electronic nature, are more welcoming than resonating drones. Each song is a distinct entity, but they are at their best when working with shorter songs -- one need only hear "Call of the Hypersphere", a fifteen minute track consisting almost exclusively of oscillating drones. Overall, this is an improvement on _Dunkel_ and a welcome extension of his repertoire.

[As an extension to his audio art, a video of "Two-Sphere World" is included, where the abstract elegance of dark ambient minimalism is portrayed in visual form via a series of nature shots and archival videos of space travel and development.]


(article published 5/10/2008)

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