Revolting Cocks - _Sex-O Olympic-O_
(13th Planet Records / Megaforce, 2008)
by: Jackie Smit (9.5 out of 10)
If there were a single succinct way to capture what appeals about a band like Revolting Cocks, it would be this: in a world where a growing majority of art stinks of severe self-obsession, they are the consummate antithesis. And let's be honest, with intolerable levels of narcissism pervading even the darker recesses of music, we need them more than ever. You need only attempt to wade through the verbal diarrhoea that doubles as Thomas Gabriel Fischer's blog for ample evidence to support that statement.

Revolting Cocks have always been something entirely different and refreshing, even as far back as 1985's _Big Sexy Land_, which at the time was seen as a daring "fuck you" to an imploding EBM scene in major need of a slap upside their PVC-clad noggins. That this irreverence remains at the core of the band's mantra is hammered home with fervour on _Sex-O Olympic-O_'s opening ditty, "Hookerbot 3000" -- a song that sees a surprisingly retro turn from the band, particularly in comparison to the hellish biker-industrial of 2006's _Cocked & Loaded_. "Cousins" and "Touch Screen" continue the theme of bass-heavy reductionism, albeit with a modern gloss that sees them verge on being accessible.

But it's on "I'm Not Gay" and "Robo Banditos", with its sneering taunt of "Pride came before the fall / They forgot about the power of RevCo", that the band's true genius is underlined in bold. Bristling with more true rock 'n' roll attitude than a thousand of their so-called peers could ever muster and packing the sort of wallop that could level a house, it makes enough of a statement that if Al Jourgensen were to stick to his word and lay this project to rest alongside Ministry in the near future, you can be damn sure their legacy will live on for many moons.


(article published 30/9/2008)

4/18/2006 J Smit 9 Revolting Cocks - Cocked & Loaded
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