Anathema - _Hindsight_
(Kscope / Peaceville, 2008)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)
Considering how well much of Anathema's work since _Eternity_ always seemed to lend itself to acoustic renditions, and the Cavanagh brothers' penchant for live acoustic sets, perhaps the only surprise about _Hindsight_ is that it took so long to be made. It's a good thing it did though, because Anathema have achieved a fine balance of songs to remake as acoustic or semi-acoustic versions, and the overall result is superb.

_Hindsight_ consists of "Angelica" from _Eternity_, "Fragile Dreams" and "Inner Silence" from _Alternative 4_, "One Last Goodbye" from _Judgement_, "Leave No Trace" and "Temporary Peace" from _A Fine Day to Exit_, and three songs from _A Natural Disaster_ ("Are You There?", "Flying" and the title track). In addition, the album ends with a new single, titled "Unchained (Tales of the Unexpected)", which fortunately fits right into the mood and turns out to be a very enjoyable closing track -- not to mention a rather effective teaser for their upcoming album, _Horizons_.

While the four older songs remain the absolute highlights of the album for me, the five newer ones and the new single all find their place without any effort. Indeed, none of the _A Fine Day to Exit_ and _A Natural Disaster_ tracks featured here ever sounded as great to me before as they do on _Hindsight_. Whichever favourites you turn out to have however, the flow of _Hindsight_ is absolutely seamless, regardless of whether it is a twelve year old song or a brand new one that happens to be playing. Classics such as those four simply don't get any worse with age; quite the opposite if anything, and that is very well reflected on _Hindsight_.

Drummer John Douglas' sister Lee again contributes her fine vocals to elevate "A Natural Disaster", while the acoustic guitar, piano and percussion are complemented by a very effective cello on several occasions. The rest is up to Vincent Cavanagh's voice, which absolutely shines throughout the album's warm, intimate and emotional atmosphere.

If there were any sense or justice in this crazy world, Anathema would get the mainstream commercial success they deserve with this outstanding, but easily accessible album. More realistically, _Hindsight_ should at least provide an excellent alternative for metal fans who crave something a little different once in a while.


(article published 17/9/2008)

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