Unsun - _The End of Life_
(Century Media, 2008)
by: Jackie Smit (4 out of 10)
Here's the thing with Unsun: as goth rock bands go, they have one or two mildly enjoyable chops up their sleeves. They may not be in same ballpark -- perhaps even the same sport -- as a band like To-Mera, but the opening riff to "Whispers" has a certain wintery charm to it that's undeniable. So what if they sound like every other band of their ilk? Well, a major problem is that their frontwoman, though easy on the eye, isn't quite so pleasing on the ears. Having apparently never mastered the art of the non-regional dialect, her singing suggests that she may have had a go at EuroVision in the not too distant past. If you want an idea of just how bad it gets: imagine Moonspell's Fernando Ribeiro as a less-eloquent woman, with three weeks' worth of English lessons under his belt. Shoot, on the overtly radio-baiting "Face the Truth", I can barely make out what language she's singing in, save ironically for the line: "I'm losing my passion for life". I can thoroughly empathize -- the worst insult of all being that Vader guitarist, Maurycy "Mauser" Stefanowicz, could be an accomplice to this dross.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/unsunmusic

(article published 1/9/2008)

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