GWAR - _Ragnarok_
(Attic/Roadrunner, 1995)
by: Gino Filicetti (4 out of 10)
Although I've never been that much of a GWAR fan, I know that I found this album a complete disappointment and I feel sorry for all you die-hards out there who will buy this trash, and try your hardest to like it. The album begins and ends in disappointment. The first song, 'Meat Sandwich', has the basic spoken word vocals with sub-mediocre punk rythms. The CD insert, however, is what makes this album garner 3 extra points than it deserves. It is layed out in the form of a tabloid, and the lyrics to the songs are interspersed within the humorous "articles" such as: "Mutant Penguins Attack Brazil," "The Prophecies of Nostrildumas," and "Satanic Skinheads Take Credit for Growing Wave of Cattle Mutilations." It is obvious that GWAR are sub-standard from a musical point of view, however it will be more than interesting to see them live when they come on tour in support of this album. As is always the case, they put on one of the sickest, most barbaric shows around. Sure it's all fake, but one has to appreciate the showmanship that goes into this band. See the show, but beware the album.

(article published 13/12/1995)

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