Maleficum Orgia - _Maleficum Orgia_
(Insidious Poisoning Records, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
Maleficum Orgia are one of, if not the oldest black metal band in France, having formed in 1991, although they have only released one demo and one split before this, their debut full-length. This would also make them the laziest black metal band in France, although I suspect they were inactive as their members concentrated on other bands. The line-up consists of Krof (Emptyness, Aigro Mucifelam) on drums and vocals, Decimator on bass and the impossibly named Mhrot Ymsen Sthxt Tne Reb (Emptyness, Nekrokaos) on guitar. He must have arrived at his nom de plume by arbitrary banging of his keyboard. But even the pseudonyms are quite dull compared to song titles such as "Brutal and Anal Orgy in Black Heaven With the Dark Blasphemous Goatmaster" and "The Beast Invocation in a Burned Church for a Collective Suicide During a Black Mass". Cute.

If only they spent the same amount of time on the songs as they did on raking up evil-sounding titles, they might be able to stake a claim to France's best black metal band, but the mix of Immortal and Mayhem inspired Nordic fury and atmosphere and thrashy rhythms battle to hold the attention. I also expected better from a band making such a boast; the album sounds like a debut with its stale, predictable progressions and overt references to their influences, but I expected more from supposedly experienced musicians. It's more listenable than Krof's solo project Aigro Mucifelam (read it backwards), but at least that offered something a bit different, even if it failed. If Maleficum Orgia truly is the oldest black metal band in France, this will probably be destined for cult status irrespective of its merits, and I suspect that alone will sadly detract attention away from more promising acts.


(article published 22/8/2008)

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