Nifelheim / Vulcano - _Thunder Metal_
(I Hate Records, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Vulcano are an institution in the South American black/thrash scene, releasing their first demo in 1983, justifying their claim to be the first extreme metal band from Brazil, and perhaps even South America. Their 1986 release, _Bloody Vengeance_ remains a classic of the Brazilian scene, and although not as well-known, is on a par with Sarcofago's _INRI_. They contribute two exclusive tracks to the compilation that do not reach the heady heights of their work at its peak, but with sufficient grittiness to let the wider world know that they are not ready to call it a day.

Sweden's Nifelheim are the more well-known of the two and they have contributed two songs: one new, and an early version of "Raging Flames" from _Envoy of Lucifer_. The "bonus" track, "Insulter of Jesus Christ", features Jon Nodtveidt, the late great mastermind of Dissection, but it is the weakest number by a considerable margin and not a fitting tribute to one of Sweden's fallen sons. Like Vulcano, Nifelheim straddle the black/thrash divide, but with a more polished version -- comparatively speaking -- topping the aggression with melody in a way only the Scandinavians seem to be able to accomplish.

Sadly, this split ends in less than twenty minutes. Stop teasing and produce full-lengths already!


(article published 22/8/2008)

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