The Gathering - _Nighttime Birds_
(Century Media, 1997)
by: Adam Wasylyk (8 out of 10)
This was my first taste of The Gathering and I must say I was very impressed with what I heard. Vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen completely carries this record by enchanting the listener with her soothing, ethereal vocals (reminding me of a better sounding Bjork). And the band ain't no slouch either, as their musical backdrop complements Anneke's vocals perfectly and makes listening to _Nighttime Birds_ an experience unto itself. Tracks like "On Most Surfaces" (which particularly reminds me of Bjork), "New Moon Different Day", and "Kevin's Telescope" were favorites of mine, but it was hard to pick songs of note since most of the tracks are 'compilation worthy.' With each passing listen, this comes closer to reaching my top 10 of this year.

(article published 12/8/1997)

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