XXX Maniak / Coffins - _Split_
(Enucleation / Creeping Vine, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (1.5 out of 10)
First up is XXX Maniak, who deliver 20 songs in about 13 minutes, performing -- what else? -- goregrind. With their longest song lasting a whopping 71 seconds, their numbers sound like a mix of arbitrary riffs and songs in progress, rather than properly developed, full-fledged songs. Short songs are OK, but what's the point of a thousand songs under a minute? Even an ADHD kiddie on a sugar rush will have a longer attention span than this "maniak".

The other half of the album contains just two songs by Japanese doom act Coffins, both averaging around the eight minute mark. "The Cracks of Doom" tends to be a bit on the repetitive side, with as many riffs in those eight minutes as there are in any one of XXX Maniak's "songs". The second song is slightly better, being a cover of "Ebony Tears", originally by the mighty Cathedral.

This is perhaps the most unbalanced and unlikely split ever. The first band features songs that are far too short, whilst the other drags out their (original) song beyond its limits. It is also unlikely that doom and grind fans crossover to any significant degree, and I fail to see the point of having such incongruent bands joined in this unholy union.


(article published 9/8/2008)

9/1/2008 J Ulrey 7 Coffins - Buried Death
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