Gorgoroth - _True Norwegian Black Metal_
(Regain Records, 2008)
by: Jackie Smit (5 out of 10)
So let's get this straight: a live album that wasn't actually recorded on tour or at a gig per se. Sounds all a bit suspect to me, if I'm being perfectly honest. Then again -- as a veteran of two Gorgoroth gigs, I can safely say that Gorgoroth aren't exactly the world's greatest show men, and no amount of fake blood, nor skewered sheep-heads and mock-crucified women can make up for that. As it is, the grey, almost purposefully retrograde cover could -- on some level at least -- render this effort an affectionate throwback to the halcyon days of black metal, where anything approaching a paid-for production got you a sock full of pennies upside the head.

The irony is that, if anything, _True Norwegian Black Metal_ highlights the extent to which Gorgoroth have benefitted from studio trickery on past efforts. The latest take on "Destroyer" for starters doesn't sound nearly like the trumpet call of the Apocalypse that piledrived you into submission when you heard first. Nor does "Forces of Satan Storms" come anywhere close to being as potent or threatening as its album counterpart. By contrast, an overwhelmingly eerie "Possessed (By Satan)" provides a brief moment of respite from the mediocrity, and I'm still convinced that Gaahl is one of the finest black metal vocalists to flex his pipes for as long as the genre has been around. Still, at just a hair over a half hour in length and no real highlights to speak of, they could have saved themselves (and us) the trouble.

Contact: http://www.gorgoroth.org/

(article published 9/8/2008)

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