Elysia - _The Lion of Judas_
(Ferret Music, 2008)
by: Jackie Smit (5 out of 10)
I could have been persuaded to be a tad more lenient on these boys, had their labelmates in The Banner not yanked my hair out by the roots with their devastatingly intense _Frailty_ opus at around the same time. Indeed, while this Sacramento quintet may play a similarly revved up blend of metal and hardcore and even bring a few of their own ideas to the plate, it soon becomes painfully obvious that they fall short of the mark in one critical department: character. There's simply very few instances on _Lion of Judas_ -- an irresistibly catchy "Box of Need(less)" notwithstanding -- where I feel truly implored to give the record repeated listens. In a style that's already as overpopulated as an ant colony, that's never a good thing.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/elysia

(article published 9/8/2008)

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